Our Equipment

PMS | Our Equipment

  • Aluminum barge of 11.95 x 6m, motorized 2x150hp and armed with commerce in division 222 (up-to-date navigation license, carrying capacity: 15t, equipped with a 5t crane
  • Cargo ship of 9.70 meters, 2x150hp motorized, for rapid intervention
  • A 6.50-meter motorized aluminum boat for rapid intervention
  • A 5.5-meter semi-rigid boat with navigation console, VHF and 50 hp 4-stroke engine
  • Submersible hydraulic equipment (drill, chisel, grinder, brush, emptier, ...)
  • Portable hydraulic power unit (brush, perforator, auger, emptier, ...)
  • Lifting units (100, 200, 500, 1000 liters)
  • Motorcycle heat pump